Horse Therapy Center

About this project

The project is part of activities so-called "philanthropic" of the study, those architectures which hold not only a social value but a demonstrative value on how you can build with the aim of noble altruism for human frailties, adding to the urban fabric of dignity and completeness. The Oxford Therapy Center is conceived to create a building that could help concretely persons who have had to deal with trauma, sudden or from birth, both phisically and psychologically. The Hippotherapy in fact, is the set of medical techniques that use the horse to improve the state of health of a person. Beneficial effects, as a result of this activity, were noticed in ancient times and the prescription of 'horseback riding for therapeutic purposes is already evident in the work of Hippocrates of Kos (460-370 BC), for this reason, the center is closely related to the nearby Hospital of Nuffiel Orthopaetic Center.

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