Lawyer Office

About this project

“the Lawyer office” is located in an ancient building of 1800 in the Prati area, known as the legal district in Rome. The client had two basic requests that have been met: a space that would have to be formal and professional likewise warm and comfortable. The result is space, which as a house, encourages social interactions and reflect the love for the art of the client. The design concept was driven by these indications, creating spaces where classic art, contemporary art and industrial design are merged together in functional wide rooms, placed according to the multiple activities of the studio. the color palette of walls and furnitures goes from taupe to gris bis tone, while orange is added for the details of furniture, creating a stylish and contemporary contrast. The core of the project is the meeting room where a custom huge table of two and a half meters in diameter is placed in the center. The whole room is a balance of harmony between tradition and innovation: the busts of Athena and Antinous faced the Aldo Chaparro aluminium diptych; the stucco ceiling with floral pattern interacts with the lighting system of suspension cables and light cones; the library that store a collection of XVII century books dialogues with wireless devices and iconic sofa and armchair LC2 from Le Corbusier. The main materials used throughout the space are the lacquered wood and marble. Particularly the preciuos type of Marble “Pulpis” is used to create the custom lobby desk, designed as a diamond–cut geometric element, handmade by skilled craftsmen with a long tradition in the field of stone processing.

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